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Cách Kiếm Tiền Mới Chỉ cần treo máy thôi ( Tổng hợp tất cả các site CPM +PTP)

As I said yesterday, there are now a lot of you have VPS with hanging tool but do not know what to do to make money from it, and for a lot or not? Then I shall set up a tutorial on this, so hope you're interested: D. Why he is saying is "surf through all the land"? So now the site so special is the site PTP CPM has gradually come into the framework, anti-cheat systems to ensure the sophistication of its prestige, attract a large amount of Advertiser and Publisher to surf the web in front is that now they can not. So her new look its best for you newbie as well as you want to participate in all areas of the site may be long surf and eat. You support yourselves, the site will be updated as soon as possible for you ....: D

Talking was far enough alone into the main problem is always sharing site: p

1 / Bidvertiser (Figure payment via PP, for your website)

This is the first site you can surf safely by jingling + hitleap, but relatively low number of counts and the rate is quite low, since it does not make that much, but if you have 100 dozen bulbs for VPS is also no problem: D

2 / Xtendadvert (Figure payment via PP, for your website, the first monthly payment)

This site is not currently able to surf in the usual way as hitleap + jingling anymore, but to have a more advanced tool, anyone with SSH tool better, great surf, delicious food ..

3 / ExAd (Figure payment via PP, for your website)

This site it only traffic from the following countries:
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

If you have SSH surf of the country is comfortable, ultra-high rate, for more than a dozen bulbs this site is normal ...

4 / Magicfinds (Figure payment via PP)

This site registration is complete you some links to get put into the jingling + hitleap, delicious

5 / Skillerz PTP (Picture payment via PP)

This site is reputable and comfortable surf, traffic from Europe to 0.8 / 1000 view, awesome: D, complete the registration link to set up traffic jingling jingling the Western traffic and 20% allow pop up okay

6 / AdHexa (Figure payment via PP, for your website, pay monthly)

This Site is very high rate, pay them, min pay $ 5 via your bare PP

The ref you register link support me ^: p:

The site has only 3 banner: 300x250, 160x600, 728x90, banner 1 page maximum 3 dentists, avoid dc errors will not pay rule: D

7 / (Figure payment via PP, will have payment gateway via BTC, min pay $ 0.5, net 1-7)

This site is very good site link surf, its current rate (will increase):

Tier 1 - $ 0.30 CPM
Tier 2 - $ 0.15 CPM
Tier 3 - $ 0.05 CPM
Botted Views - $ 0.01 CPM

Admin of this site said that to follow the following steps to be counted as tier would otherwise only be counted as Botted Views. Specifically as follows:

+ Jingling - western traffic - 20% ALLOW POP-UPS
+ Hitleap - Time: 10-15 seconds - Referrer: twitter, facebook, google

Ie this site means that you have to have premium acc hitleap then the good fight

8 / (Net 30, pay on the 7th day of the month, 100% fill rate, review sites need about 3-4 days)

+ First you create an account at

+ Then you log in and click on New domain and then add on the website pending then, after about 3-4 days, and the results will be accepted if your website will appear in the domain directory as shown:


Then go to the gate tags for pasting code as shown on the website:


Proof 05/09/2014 hot day:



9 / (your network, for websites / blogs, payout every Sunday, accepting all traffic from jing + hit, count 1IP / day, payment via PP)

Very simple, you just go to the website, register an account, add the site to wait for approval, in no time, then grab the banner code added to surf the web and encourage those you SSH and sock play okay: D

10 / PTPMagic (Figure payment via PP (BTC), min pay $ 1, 100% fill rate)

Instructions ***** War: ********

- Install jingling: western traffic, 20% ALLOW POP-UPS
- Hitleap: ACC regular is ok, but if they choose premium acc anonymous traffic is so good, for so chaos: D

You support yourself, then this link dental registration:

Otherwise, the homepage are: p:

11 / RvpAdvertisingnetwork (site pay via PP, Payza and Paxum, surf acceptance, high rate, reputation)

This site also surf traffic typically normal dental jing + hit both, good rate, net15, 1 half month pay, net very good reputation along with magicfinds admin
Proof hot date 09/05/2014:

12 / Elixad (paid via PP, will soon update via BTC, min pay $ 5, available for your website / blog)

First you here:

Then DKI an account and then add your website / blog on standby accept

Then add ads code into your website / blog and surf traffic to your website / blog by jing + hit

Install as normal jing okay: D

13 / (via PP payment, net 45, a reputable, good surf: D, for blog / website)



16 /

- Link your support decent ref: D:

- Accept jingling + hitleap (just put the link on and surf alone: D)

- High Rate: $ 0.25 / 1000 views

- Net 31

- Traffic from China and Russia are not accepted (this adjustment European traffic jing sound decent people)

- Minpay: $ 1

- Payment through Paypal

Note: This site is extremely prestigious, very good rate, fix rate, you should play any games PTP this site decent, nothing to help his supporters dropping ref: p

Nothing new about how to setup hitleap + jingling decent people, there is something to be careful when choosing watch selected ads are part no adult ads or redirect dentist, who played the adult site adult ads quite tasty and a lot of money that ;)

This is an image for you do not know the setup jingling pop up:

and many more sites that will update you
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